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There are errors in my credit report – how can I fix them? It can be really frustrating to check your credit score and find that there are errors in your credit report, especially if you are trying to apply for credit. Credit Agencies have rigorous checks in place to ensure that […]

How to Remove Errors From my Credit Report?

By viewing a full and accurate copy of your credit score and report, you are able to gain an indication as to how banks and financial institutions see you and whether they are likely to give you credit. Credit Agencies use the information you supply to them during your registration […]

How is my Credit Score-Report Calculated?

Credit Search
What is a credit search? A Credit Search is when you apply for credit, the bank or financial institution you apply to will look at your credit report information, and a ‘credit search’ is recorded. Your credit report can usually only be searched with your consent and knowledge, and it […]

What Is a Credit Search? Easy to Follow Guide

What is a credit repair company? A credit repair company is normally a profit making organisation that you should not use under any circumstances. You should be very wary of any credit repair company which promises to ‘repair’ your credit report. They’ll charge you to do things you can do […]

Should I Use a Credit Repair Company

If you’ve had a recent credit application turned down, don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do to improve your credit score:  Don’t immediately apply for another credit account, or accounts, as this will have a detrimental impact and decrease your credit score. Ensure that you are on the Electoral […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score