Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

A repayment mortgage versus an interest only mortgage is merely the first decision you have to make. What sort of repayment or interest only deal do you want?  While interest only mortgages aren’t bad, they are risky. Risk is an important concept in finance; it’s about taking a chance. The […]

What Type of Mortgage Do I Want?

Although for the majority of mortgage holders, remortgaging your property will give you a better deal, occasionally however this may not be the case as highlighted below: The unfortunate ones where timing is bad Mortgage rates and fees fluctuate constantly; in relation to the Bank of England’s base rate, what’s […]

Why shouldn’t I remortgage?

Remortgaging means, transferring your mortgage from one Mortgage Company to another, or switching from one deal to another even from the same provider to get yourself a better deal. And you don’t even have to move house to do it. In recent years almost a third of all home loans […]

A guide to remortgaging